My Story

My Work

My Background

With a degree in Visual Art and Education, I have spent the past 30 years teaching art to high school students and raising my two beautiful daughters leaving little time to develop my own art.   Over the last few years I have been redefining myself as an "artist".    


My Medium

Primarily I work in encaustic medium.   Encaustic is a very ancient medium using molten beeswax mixed with damar resin.   To create colour in my work, I use small amounts of oil paint added to the wax. My process usually (but not always)  begins with an original photo transferred into the wax.  I build on the characteristics of the photo by adding layers of wax,  digging down to create texture or adding texture with a brush or stylus.   I then incorporate chalk pastel or water soluble crayon to add more dimension.  Admittedly,  I'm still experimenting with all of the possibilities encaustic allows.